All I Want For Christmas

Release Date: October 1, 2016

All I Want For Christmas is a short, romantic story about a couple finding love in time for the holidays.

No longer able to pay rent, Serenity Jones has to close down her store. She has been officially evicted. One week before Christmas. What insensitive person would evict someone on December Twenty-Third?

Maxwell Westmore is in Mountain Falls on business. So when he meets a gorgeous woman at the bar and is able to unwind, he doesn’t find out who she is until it’s time to go. It’s the one woman in town, who would hate his guts if she knew he was the one evicting her.

But Max can’t stay away. Neither can he tell the truth. But he isn’t the only one lying. Will Max and Serenity’s relationship withstand these lies? Will Serenity finally find the Christmas miracle she’s been hoping for?

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