One Summer Night

Release Date: January 31, 2015

One night in paradise…
Hawaii might be paradise for some people, but not for Violet Lawrence. She’s spent every minute of her week taking care of details for her sister’s wedding. Finally able to have one night to herself, Violet escapes to a quiet little bar to unwind. Alone. Then she sees him. Tall, funny, mysterious —and sexy as sin. Too damn sexy for her to resist.

Might lead to a lifetime in Purgatory…
Griffen Baxter is happy with his decision to enter seminary school. Or so he thought. So he doesn’t understand why he accepted the silly bet from friends to have one last “wild night”. Then she walked in. After a few drinks, they give in to their attraction, knowing nothing more than first names and planning to never see each other again.

Without a prayer…
The minute Violet walks down the aisle on the day of the wedding, she’s lightning struck. The man officiating is none other than her unforgettable one-night-stud. Further complication? He’s about to enter seminary and become a priest! But neither of them have been able to stop thinking about their passionate night together. Before long – and despite their best intentions – they give into desire again and again…
When the full truth he’s been hiding from her comes to light, will there be hell to pay?

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